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10 Add-Ins That Will Transform Your Brownies

May 21, 2020

Hand holding brownies above a plate of brownies

Although the humble brownie in its simplest form can turn a good day into a great day, there are a few things you can add that will transport you to brownie heaven.

Whether you’re making our Rich Dark Chocolate Brownies or using your own recipe, why not customise your brownies by stirring your favourite add-in into the batter prior to baking.

Our top ten favourite brownie add-ins:

  1. White chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips or M&M's (or a combination, we won't judge!).
  2. Chunks of your favourite chocolate bar (we love chopped Cherry Ripes) but why not try chopped Kit Kats or Violet Crumble?
  3. Chopped Oreo cookies or Mint Slices.
  4. Mini or regular sized marshmallows.
  5. Frozen cherries or raspberries (these work especially well in white chocolate brownies).
  6. Chopped walnuts (a classic addition) or any other nuts such as dry roasted almonds or peanuts (just make sure you don't use pre-salted nuts).
  7. Glacé cherries and shredded coconut.
  8. Swirls of Nutella or peanut butter.
  9. Pretzels for some salty crunch, teamed with lashings of thick caramel sauce on top (add this after baking).
  10. Swirls of sweetened condensed milk (as the brownies cook, the condensed milk slowly caramelises - think Dulce de leche!).

So next time you're baking brownies, hunt through your pantry and experiment with new flavour combinations. Let your imagination run wild!

We'd love to hear how you take your brownies to the next level. Tag us in your favourite brownies pics on Instagram (@bakersboxau).